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We don’t believe there’s any magic or mystery to SEO; it’s all down to methodical, detailed, hard work and experience. That’s why you’ll find us open and transparent about what we’ll do for you, how high you can get and how much it will cost.

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Right now we know nothing about your business but we’ll make it our job to do so. As well as hearing what you’ve got to say we’ll be asking questions about your industry, your competition and your goals, From this we’ll be building a picture of what you’re doing online and where your best SEO opportunities lie.


This is where you’ll start to see results. After agreeing how long you want us to work for we’ll start our campaign. But before we do anything we’ll explain the work involved and why we’re doing it.

Analysis and audit

By researching your competition and gathering data, we’ll begin to unearth the best combination of searched for words and phrases likely to be used by your kind of customers. In addition we’ll be examining your website to make sure it’s Google-friendly (vital to achieving the best results) and contains user-friendly and useful content material, which we will work on through our copywriting service throughout the optimisation process.

Reporting and reviewing

Every month you’ll get to see exactly what we’ve done and what difference it’s made, in our detailed report. This will give you a picture of how far we’ve progressed towards achieving your SEO objectives as well as highlighting new opportunities.

Local SEO

As well as increasing enquiries through your website it’s likely to bring more telephone enquiries too (think about how many times you’ve Googled something then made a call).

Using proven local optimisation methods we’ll make it more likely that it’s you rather than your competitors getting the clicks.

Local SEO from Hind Digital

Whatever your budget we can get you moving in the right direction and bring you closer to local customers who are looking for a business like yours. All our local SEO services are provided on a monthly basis, so you’re not tied in over a long period.

Even better you’ll receive our monthly report so you’ll see the gains you’re making and get valuable information to help you decide how to continue.

Local SEO designed around you…

Even though you’re competing with similar businesses there will always be something that sets yours apart. We’ll work closely with you to discover what that is and give you a more distinct profile on Google. This tailored approach will help you become more visible not just for more customers but for the right customers.

Higher quality leads…

If all we were doing were increasing the number of visitors to your site we’d only be doing half a job – instead our SEO service is focused on bringing you worthwhile enquiries that stand a greater chance of converting into a sale.

Talk to us today about what you’d like to achieve through local SEO – call on 07852 567 827 or send an email.

David Homer

Hind Digital has worked collaboratively with our team, training staff to maintain the effectiveness of our corporate site. The knowledge gained allows us to continually improve our site, giving us exposure to new business opportunities. We provide innovative technical solutions to customers around the world. SEO has proven to be an essential asset, reaching out to new customers within our industry where customers will often search for specific solutions as they need them making it far more effective than traditional advertising or marketing. Hind Digital have a unique process in training their customers in SEO, so we maximise our site’s full potential whilst maintain control.

David Homer | Director CENTREL Solutions