Pay-per Click Services in Leicester

By bidding on a certain search phrase your ad is guaranteed to appear in Google’s top results when somebody types that phrase. Used in the right way it’s a powerful method of targeting customers who are already looking for a business like yours. Offering PPC across Leicestershire, we can create a strategy and approach to suit your budget and business needs.

Make PPC profitable with the right key phrases…

A successful PPC campaign relies on identifying affordable phrases that are likely to be used by the customers you want to attract. As with everything balance is critical. Low-cost phrases might help you place more ads but the quality of leads might be poor. On the other hand an expensive phrase might bring better enquiries but cost too much to run.

This is where Hind Digital’s experience counts. Driven by your budget we’ll analyse your market and Google data to determine the phrases that are likely to give you the best return and that can also run alongside any SEO strategy you are running.

Better quality clicks…

The right search phrase will get your ad in the right place, but only a well-written ad will drive customers to click it. And importantly you’re competing with other ads, which is why the right wording is essential for getting yours clicked first.

It’s good to know that Hannah Ingham, the driving force behind Hind Digital, is a qualified Google Adwords practitioner. This means you can rely on well-researched, well-written, effective ads that bring enquiries your way.

David Homer

Hind Digital has worked collaboratively with our team, training staff to maintain the effectiveness of our corporate site. The knowledge gained allows us to continually improve our site, giving us exposure to new business opportunities. We provide innovative technical solutions to customers around the world. SEO has proven to be an essential asset, reaching out to new customers within our industry where customers will often search for specific solutions as they need them making it far more effective than traditional advertising or marketing. Hind Digital have a unique process in training their customers in SEO, so we maximise our site’s full potential whilst maintain control.

David Homer | Director CENTREL Solutions

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The beauty of PPC is that you can start small – and because it’s measurable you’ll know straight away whether it’s a good return-on-investment.

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