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Imagine the difference it would make if more of your website visitors turned into customers. This is why copywriting is such a key part of your website optimisation. Get it right and you’ll be able to nudge those customers towards doing what you want, whether that’s making a purchase, picking up the phone or sending an email.

More than a well-turned phrase…

When it comes to increasing conversions, flowery or complicated language won’t cut it. Persuasive copywriting is simple, clear and honest. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring – there’s always room for communicating in a tone-of-voice that sits naturally with the personality of your company.

SEO copy for humans…

Part of our job in optimising your website for Google includes making sure key words and phrases are included. But once you’re ranking higher and drawing more clicks we’ll make sure your site’s copy appeals to visitors as well as search engines. This makes sure they’ll stay on your site longer and increase your chances of a sale, off the back of your SEO.

Should you write it yourself?

If your copy focuses too much on what you do rather than how you help your customers it can fail to connect and draw your audience in.

This is when an outside view of your business can be invaluable. By seeing things from your customer’s side we’ll create content that’s more likely to influence, tempt and lead them to act.

David Homer

Hind Digital has worked collaboratively with our team, training staff to maintain the effectiveness of our corporate site. The knowledge gained allows us to continually improve our site, giving us exposure to new business opportunities. We provide innovative technical solutions to customers around the world. SEO has proven to be an essential asset, reaching out to new customers within our industry where customers will often search for specific solutions as they need them making it far more effective than traditional advertising or marketing. Hind Digital have a unique process in training their customers in SEO, so we maximise our site’s full potential whilst maintain control.

David Homer | Director CENTREL Solutions

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